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Create More Cashflow

Scale Your Business

Keep More oWhat You Earn

After working with hundreds of clients over the years, what we know for sure is that money or a lack of it, affects every single area of your life.

So many small business owners are totally struggling nowadays. Their finances are a total mess.


They’ve lost control of the money. More dollars are flying out than flying in and they don’t know where it’s all going.


On the surface things look ok. The P&L reports actually shows they’re making a profit.


But that’s not the reality of the bank account which is always running on empty...


They’re certainly not taking home enough money for all their hard work and it’s causing a major rift with their partner.


They're frustrated trying to figure out where all their money is going and why they're not more profitable than they should be...


If this sounds like you, read on....


Imagine You...

  • Have control over your money so you’re able to sleep through the night peacefully rather than waking up at 3am with a feeling of fear & dread.
  • Are able to scale & grow your business because you will KNOW rather than GUESS what your financial outcomes look like.
  • Have more money in the bank for you and your family to enjoy, taking vacations or buying the things you desire.
  • Spend more time with your family instead of working round the clock.
  • Start enjoying your business again & start living your passion, your mission and your purpose.
  • Have a financial team by your side, guiding and mentoring you through the ups and downs of business so you never feel alone again. 
  • Say goodbye to worrying about money and start experiencing a sense of ease and relief having eliminated financial anxiety and stress.
  • Have all your financial needs sorted - all in one place

We're the team who can help you with all your financial needs, to help maximise your profits and your cash flow.

You + Us =

More Cash Flow

Cash is King.

Business owners who don’t monitor their cash put their business at risk.

We help our clients set up strong financial foundations inside their business to ensure it's a profitable, cash positive, wealth generating machine. 

Scale Your Business

This is where we will map out your big picture plan and where you want your business to go.

We'll help you create a plan so you know if you can hire staff, when to scale, when and how to invest, how much you can get paid, how much to set aside for taxes etc. We eliminates the guesswork.

Keep More Or What You Earn

Most small business owners either don’t pay themselves or pay themselves a minimum wage. That’s not a smart money move!

We make sure you get paid FIRST.  Then we make sure the other important aspects of your business such as taxes, business expenses and staff are accounted for.

Achieve Your Goals

We'll help you understand your numbers, based on where they want to go and what goals you want to achieve.

We work closely with you, so you're across your finances at all times, without having to be bogged down by the nitty gritty of bookkeeping & accounting.


I'm Sylvia! I'm a Bookkeeper, Financial Coach, Author & Speaker.

With over 30 year experience, I'm known for my honest, caring, down to earth approach to financial management.

With over 8 years working with small business owners, I totally understands the trials & tribulations many small business owners face day to day and it’s my passion to see small business owners succeed so they can make a bigger impact in the world.

I started my business because I knew that I could help business owners in the one area they struggle with the most - money! 

And just like you, I wanted to have a business where I could create both financial freedom AND time freedom. 

Maybe you’re even a little embarrassed because you’re not really sure where your finances stand. It’s hard to admit you don’t know what you should be doing to take care of your money.

It’s OK… That’s where we come in.

We work with smart, motivated business owners who love knowing exactly where their finances stand and knowing that they have an experienced Financial Team guiding them.

Together, we make sure your business has a solid financial foundation, so you can keep creating and working towards your big vision. 

Create More Cash Flow

Scale Your Business

Keep More oWhat You Earn