5-Step Action Plan Business Owners Use To Stop Cashflow Struggles & Eliminate Financial Stress...

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5 Step Action Plan

Business Owners Use

To Stop Cashflow Struggles & Eliminate Financial Stress

Taking Your Business To New Heights

What Do You Need Help With Today?

Bookkeeping + Payroll

Financial Strategy + Advisory

Listen up...

You’re a successful business owner...

and the ongoing success of your business depends on understanding, navigating & streamlining your finances to not only achieve your goals but exceed them.

Without a solid financial foundation to help you achieve consistent cash flow + profitability, your business is on shaky ground.

We Can Help

We offer more than just basic bookkeeping and accounting services. Our approach involves actively guiding you to improve your businesses cash flow and profits, spot opportunities, and increase efficiency.

Unlike traditional accountants and bookkeepers, we delve deep into the details to help you make better financial decisions and boost your bottom line.

Sylvia helped me get over the fear of finances. I was always a bit ashamed that I couldn’t manage my money well and you took the shame away with your soulful, gentle pragmatism.Thank YOU so much!

Donna McGeorge


There’s a better way...

We help our clients get off the money hamster wheel so they can create the business and life they've always dreamed of.

You can finally say goodbye to constantly worrying about money and start experiencing a sense of ease and relief, having eliminated financial anxiety and stress.

Welcome to our site. Have a look at our About page. Click on our Success Stories page and meet some of the people we’ve worked with.

And when you’re ready, click below to watch a complimentary training about the exact process we use to help our clients boost cashflow, amplify profits, and build lasting wealth…

There’s a better way...

Apart from the obvious consolidation of our finances - as we a) don’t have the time & b) find it completely overwhelming, I would say the biggest help has been the mentorship.

As a small business of two, we can easily go on a tangent that might not be in the best interests of the business financially. Having quarterly check ins with your fresh perspective, genuine care and knowledge of our business makes us align back to those business goals.

We always find ourselves more aligned & motivated with new goals to tackle each quarter. Which we know are all steps in the right direction. It’s also peace of mind to know everything is in order and if there are any red flags you will immediately let us know.

Saara Lemmetty & Michelle Pejovic

The Creative Sprout

Fin Altura has been instrumental in levelling up our business. Bringing true accounting efficiencies with a ‘will do’ and ‘can do’ attitude. Regularly discussing business and financial goals, we can now forecast, better manage costs and budgets, and work through potential scenarios to see what impact decisions

might have on the business financially – before we make them!

Sylvia has addressed and strengthened some of our ‘not so great’ processes such as BAS, payroll and super, and has injected additional and important value to our business in time, trust, confidence and experience.

I would also like to add that you're one of my favourite humans to work with!

Katherine Toates

CEO , The Marketing Department

Sylvia has been an honorary team member for my business over the past 3 years.The biggest difference has been the impact on my money mindset - which has shifted significantly. I now charge an amount that reflects the value I offer and have built great client relationships on this foundation.There have been fun moments celebrating the wins together, and mostly she's taken care of finance operations to ensure that things run smoothly whilst continuing to grow.

Most importantly you've become a friend.

Sarah Jelly

Digital Marketing Consultant | withjelly.co


Business Owners Use

To Stop Cashflow Struggles & Eliminate Financial Stress

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